Automated Gate System Specialists

Whether it’s a brand new installation or automating an existing gate, every automation pack is tailor made to suit each unique situation. This means taking into account the location and environmental issues, the type of access required, the amount of anticipated use, and of course the design of the gate itself.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are most the traditional method of opening gates; they can be hung from brick pillars or steel/timber posts. A gate leaf can usually open between 90/120 degrees. Most driveways usually have two matching gates which open from the centre, but smaller openings can work using a single gate unit.

Swing gates are used where the entrance and the drive is virtually level

The gates can be operated by a power unit set into the ground by the post. This also acts as one of the gate hinge pivots. Alternatively, hydraulic or powered actuator arms are used in conjunction with two gate hinges. Manual override in case of power failure is standard.

Bi-fold and uneven gate leaves can be supplied.

Slide Gates

The sliding gate system is ideal where there is limited opening space behind the gate.  Sufficient area behind the front wall is required for the gate to slide into when opened. These gates also provide very high levels of security. Opening / closing power is supplied by a waterproof motor unit.  Manual override in case of power failure is a standard feature.

The sliding gate has a specially manufactured track which is laid across the entire length of the drive entry, there are a number of sets of wheels fitted to the bottom of the gate according to the length and weight of the gate allowing it to move smoothly across the track.  These gate units can span very large driveway openings.

This style is ideal for new build but can also be retro fitted to existing gate ways.

Cantilever Gates

With the Cantilever Slide gate system there is no requirement for a ground track. This can be advantageous where the driveway slopes, the ground is uneven or there is heavy traffic use. This system also cause minimal disturbance to the existing driveway surface when installed.

The cantilever sliding gate has an special section rail fitted to the bottom of the gate which incorporates two sets of rollers set a part a pre –determined distance cast into a large concrete foundation base, these gates are approximately 1/3 longer than a standard track sliding gate, the extra length acting as the counterbalance so the gate can slide back and forth freely. Opening / closing power is supplied by a waterproof motor unit and a manual override in case of power failure is a standard feature.

Why Choose Us?

Whether it’s a brand new installation or retrofit, every automated gate system is tailor made to suit the unique requirement of each situation, taking in to account the environment, type of access required, the amount of use and position of the gate system.

A member of our specialist team will be able to assist you in making the right decision on the type of system your property requires.


Automation Kit Types

There are many  different types of automated kits on offer, underground kits, actuator arm kits, hydraulic arms kits, sliding gate kits and we use a wide range of high end suppliers to give our customers the best automated kits possible to suit the individual requirements of their gate system.

Suppliers used are FAAC, BFT, Liftmaster, Hy-dom, Benica

Safety is Our Priority

Safety is paramount when designing an automated gate system, all our automated gate installations comply with the required standards set out in the machinery directive (2006/42/EC) and every automated gate system is CE marked and comes with a declaration of conformity.

Most modern drive units and motors are fitted with built in obstacle detection, but where dangerous forces and crush zones still exist, the automated gate system may require some additional protection. This is achieved by the use of safety edges attached at required positions thereby eliminating all dangerous forces and potential crush zones.

All automated gate systems designed and supplied by Clever Gates are fitted with a manual release so the gate can be opened or closed in the event of power loss.

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